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Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Tooth-DryHydrogen peroxide is one of the remedies which acts effectively for teeth whitening. However, hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening has side effects if its amount and concentration are increased or if it used improperly. Let us examine some of the side effects of hydrogen peroxide used for teeth whitening.

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening side effects:

One should make a note of the point that the teeth whitening products or kits which contain hydrogen peroxide can show side effects when it is not diluted properly or used too often and/or even for long periods.

  • Tongue or gum discoloration are some of the consequences which may occur due to the overuse. Make sure you don’t wash the mouth too often especially if you notice these symptoms in order to prevent them. They may cause corrosion on the enamel of the tooth and can cause peeling in the mouth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide cannot whiten or change the color of porcelain teeth, gold teeth, ceramic teeth, fillings or other restorative teeth materials. This is because of the hydrogen peroxide which cannot penetrate into the surface layers of the above materials.
  • It can have a negative effect on the porous dental work in the mouth such as dental amalgams and cements. This effects make them more softer or soluble.
  • Gum pain and tooth sensitivity are the mild side effects of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. Tooth sensitivity may increase due to change in temperatures.
  • Throat soreness is another side effect of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening, but it is less typical one.
  • Gum and mouth irritation are also the most common hydrogen peroxide side effects, because it is a highly reactive chemical.

These are some of the hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening side effects which can be reduced or prevented by using a properly diluted one and rinsing the mouth properly. If you notice or experience any discomfort or side effects, discontinue the product for a time period and consult your dentist or use another whitening product containing hydrogen peroxide.

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