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Homeopathic Remedies for Sore Throat

Nursing-CariesHomeopathic remedies are very effective and most people use them for the treatment of various conditions. There are many Homeopathic remedies for sore throat which one can use them for an effective treatment. Sore throat is an infection caused by virus. Some of the symptoms include pain (especially while swallowing), discomfort, scratchiness or irritation in the throat. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the Homeopathic treatment for sore throat.

Homeopathic remedies for sore throat

Some of the sore throat Homoepathic remedies are Belladonna, Hepar sulph, Kali bich, Lachesis, Mercurius, Phytolacca, etc. These remedies are used based on the symptoms of sore throat infection in an individual.

  • Belladonna:

    This can be used as a Homeopathic remedy for an individual affected with sore throat, especially when the sore throat infection is unexpected or sudden. Some of the symptoms in an affected individual include hot and burning sensation, bright red and dry throat, the throat may become tender and swollen, pain may be present especially while swallowing, high fevers, persistent need to swallow and sensations of constriction and suffocation.

  • Hepar sulph:

    This is a Homeopathic remedy and is used for the sore throat treatment. It is used for sore throat affected individuals where the symptoms appear abruptly. These individuals experiences painful sensations in the throat as if the bone of a fish is stuck inside the throat. These pain sensations are almost splinter-like pains which spread out in all the regions of throat. Other painful sensations include stitching pain in the ear while swallowing,fowl smelling mucus lumps, deterioration of the hearing and speech is often blocked, irritability and may often show impulsive anger. They can be given some warm fluids to improve their condition and an immediate use of Hepar sulph is very essential.

These are the two Homeopathic remedies for the sore treatment which should be used according to the symptoms or condition of the sore throat infection. There are some other remedies such as Lachesis, Mercurius and Phytolacca which can be used in the sore throat homeopathic treatment.

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