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How to Get Rid of Stains from Teeth?

Fluoride-ToxicityStains on teeth can make one very embarrassing specially when one smiles or speaks. But, having white teeth will make you more comfortable and create a special look. Everyone will be eager to know the secret behind your pearl white celebrity smile. Let us examine some of the tips which can help you to get rid of stains from the teeth.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Stains from Teeth:

  1. Regular dental checkups and cleaning:

    They will help you to maintain a healthy and clean teeth, that may look white.

  2. White bleaching strips:

    There are available in pharmacy department and also in some drug stores. They help to bleach away the stains from teeth an make them white.

  3. Brushing:

    One should brush the teeth properly after every meal or twice a day, once before going to bed. This helps to clean and maintain healthy teeth. People who smoke develop stains on teeth, but brushing properly after every smoke and reducing smoking can help to maintain the teeth white or reduce staining.

  4. Apples:

    One should eat apples with skin after every meals, the crunchiness helps to remove the food residue and cleans the teeth. Thus, making them look white and healthy.

  5. Peroxide:

    This helps to whiten the teeth, but make sure to be very careful while using it. After using rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and don’t swallow.

  6. Straw:

    Reduce the amount of soda, tea, or coffee drinks or sugary fluids. If you wish to have them, then use a straw or reduce the time of fluid present in the mouth, as to reduce their contact with the teeth.

  7. Diet:

    Eat healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables and try to increase raw vegetables and fruits such as carrots and apples. It helps to stay healthy and to fight against the yellow stains by making your immune system strong.

  8. Baking soda:

    One can use baking soda directly as a tooth powder to brush your teeth, but use it only once a week. You can use it daily by mixing it with your regular toothpaste to brush your teeth.

These are a few things you can try to prevent stains from your teeth.

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