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5 Natural Teeth Whitening Tricks

FluorideEvery individual may come in contact with fluids and foods which can cause staining at some or other point. As this can’t be avoided, one can follow some tricks to minimize the staining damage that they may cause. Let us look at some of the natural teeth whitening tricks which can prevent staining.

  1. Gargle with water after every meal or a drink:

    If you are unable to brush the teeth after having a meal or drink, then gargle with water for few minutes. It helps to remove the formation of thin bio-film of bacteria, plaque on the teeth surface and also helps to reduce staining. It is important as it helps to remove stains and may help in whitening the teeth.

  2. Eat crunchy foods:

    One should eat crunchy vegetables and fruits such as carrots, celery or apples. They help in cleaning the teeth and prevent staining due to plaque and tartar or calculus. Chewing these foods helps to clean the teeth and prevents staining.

  3. Use a straw:

    If you wish to have a soft drink, colas, sports drink or soda, then use a straw. It helps to limit the amount of contact they come in with the teeth, thus reduces staining. A straw moves the fluid directly to the end of the mouth and keeps the teeth white. If you are out of reach of a straw then you need to swallow the fluid quickly without keeping them in the mouth for long time. This is another way to limit staining.

  4. Chew gum:

    Chewing gum after drinking and eating will help to clean the teeth. But, it is important to choose a sugar free gum to prevent staining. Chewing gum will get in between the gums and teeth and remove the stuck food residues and particles. It can give a fresh feeling while brushing is not possible, but it should never be the substitute for brushing,

  5. Brush gently:

    The above 4 tricks are those things one can do while brushing isn’t possible. But, brushing is the obvious one should do properly twice a day, including the one before going to bed. One should brush the teeth thoroughly and gently without damaging the tooth enamel and the gums.

These are the 5 natural teeth whitening tricks which one can use while you are unable to practice a good oral hygiene immediately.

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