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Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

flouriodeThe best teeth whitening toothpaste should include active ingredients which should protect the teeth and gums from dental and oral problems and diseases. It should provide safety, taste, effectiveness, texture and should be affordable. In this article, some of the best teeth whitening toothpaste brands are discussed below.

  1. Arm and Hammer Extra Whitening Toothpaste:

    It is the best teeth whitening and a well balanced toothpaste. It contains peroxide and baking soda for extra teeth whitening and fluoride to fight against plaque, tartar and cavities to protect the teeth and gums. It is available in a refreshing and a fresh mint taste.

  2. Rembrandt Premium Whitening Toothpaste:

    It is the only teeth whitening toothpaste which is proved clinically to avoid canker sores. It is recommended by pharmacists, doctors and dentists. It whitens the teeth safely using specially formulated ingredients, without the use of irritating detergents to prevent and cure sensitivity to oral tissues and canker sores.

  3. Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste:

    It is well recommended by many dentists.


    Some dentists recommend Opalescence whitening toothpaste only on the weekends but not for a regular use or on a daily basis. This is because of its higher potency which can harm the tooth enamel. However, this is one among the best teeth whitening product for whiter teeth. It is available in cool mint flavor which leaves one with a refreshed feeling for several hours.

  4. Crest 3D White Advanced Toothpaste:

    It features the WhiteBond protection and also acts as whitening protector that whitens teeth and prevents the formation of new surface stains by polishing away the surface stains. It also fights against plaque, tartar or calculus and removes them and works against cavities. Powerful teeth whitening for a beautiful and healthy smile is the final result.

  5. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste:

    It is formulated to remove stains and to protect against or prevent acid erosion. Acids which are present in our daily intake of food, like wine and orange juice, can soften the tooth enamel surface by dissolving minerals from the teeth. Thus, due to acid erosion and softening of the enamel, tooth enamel is easily worn off. This toothpaste also contains fluoride which provides all the benefits of a regular toothpaste.

These are the five best teeth whitening toothpaste, one can use use them by taking guidance and consulting their dentist.

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