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Top 10 Teeth Whitening Tips

top 5 toothpaste manufacturersAre you embarrassed to smile as your teeth are stained or yellow? Here’s something which will make your smile bigger. There are some teeth whitening tips which help to make your teeth white and shine. Let us examine them?

  1. Brush your teeth with the paste made with baking soda and dilute hydrogen peroxide. This helps to make the teeth whiter as bleaching agent – peroxide is present. Note: use only dilute hydrogen peroxide and make sure not to swallow the solution.
  2. Use whitening toothpaste:

    Whitening toothpaste contains abrasives and bleaching agent which help to remove stains on the teeth and whiten them. To whiten the teeth, this is a very inexpensive way.

  3. Use whitening strips:

    This contains a bleaching agent which provide an easy and a quick way to make the teeth whiter. One need to place these strips on the teeth for several minutes as to allow it to do its work to whiten the teeth.

  4. Quit smoking:

    Cigarette smoke contains nicotine which causes discoloration of teeth. Thus, smokers should avoid smoking to make their teeth look whiter.

  5. Home teeth whitening tip:

    A home whitening tip which effectively makes the teeth shine and white includes the use of lemon juice and common salt. Prepare a paste by adding little lemon juice in common salt and use this paste to brush the teeth. This helps to remove the tartar formation and make the teeth clean and white.

  6. Apple cider vinegar:

    Brushing the teeth every night with apple cider vinegar makes the teeth brighter. If an individual develops teeth sensitivity with vinegar, then stop the using the solution.

  7. Avoid drinking dark colored beverages and carbonated drinks:

    Over time, they will stain the teeth and cause damage. If one cannot avoid them, then use water to rinse your mouth afterwards.

  8. Use a straw:

    To avoid contact between the teeth and the beverage use a straw while you drink acidic or sweet drinks. This helps to prevent staining and keeps the teeth white.

  9. Rub the teeth with orange or lemon peel:

    This is one of the easiest and simple home remedy to whiten the teeth. Use the inner side of an orange or a lemon peel to rub the teeth. This helps to brighten the teeth.

  10. Regular dental cleanings:

    Even after following a good dental hygiene, their may be plaque formation between the teeth and gums. This may not be removed completely with brushing and flossing, but requires dental cleanings by a professional. They remove the plaque or tartar formation and use a bleaching agent to whiten the teeth. This is quite expensive but it is needed to prevent dental and oral problems.

These are the top 10 teeth whitening tips which one can follow to make their teeth white, shine and healthy.

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