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Ionic Teeth Whitening

Fluoride-ToxicityDrinking coffee, smoking and chewing tobacco or a lot of other things can cause discoloration of the teeth and make them dark, yellow or brown. There are many products which are available in the market to overturn these negative effects on teeth. One among them is the ionic teeth whitening, which is briefly discussed in this article.

How does the ionic teeth whitening works?

The ionic teeth whitening product consists of LED light, a mouth piece and whitening gel. The whitening gel is applied directly on the teeth and a mouth piece is fitted or the gel is placed in the mouth piece and this is equipped on the teeth. The mouth piece helps to hold the whitening gel to make a contact between the teeth and the gel. Later, a LED light which comes along with the ionic teeth whitening system is made used to whiten the teeth more rapidly.

The ionic teeth whitening takes only few minutes for completing its whitening process compared to the other whitening products such as tooth liquids, tooth pastes gums and other powders. The LED light in the teeth whitening system facilitates better penetration by activating the silver ions which are present in the gel. This acts as a bleaching agent which works more rapidly and fastly and makes the teeth white from deep.


  • This can remove the stains which are present from many years and caused due to drinking coffee, smoking and other drink- or food-related stains.
  • One can use them in any comfort zone of the home such as bathroom or bedroom.
  • They are safe to use and do show any harmful effects and doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity. It is a claim which is promised by this ionic teeth whitening system which is not done by many others.
  • They are less complicated, convenient to use an of all best to use.
  • They work rapid and effectively.


There would be a limitation in all the teeth whitening products and systems. If one have an implant or prosthetic or false teeth, the teeth whitening systems including ionic teeth whitening system will have a very minimal affect or impact on them. This results in noticeable variation of shades inside the mouth. It is better to consult your dentist if you have an implant.

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