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Dental Floss -Other Uses of Dental Floss

Finish-with-a-rinseDental floss helps to remove the food residue and plaque formation between the teeth and the gum line. They are not only used for dental cleanings but also for other home works. Let us examine some of the other uses of dental floss which one can follow.

  1. Hang things:

    The floss is made up of strong and durable material. One can use dental floss instead of string or wire to hang wind chimes, picture frames and so on.

  2. Clothes line:

    One can also make their own makeshift line for clothes by using dental floss to hang wet clothes, especially at a camping site or on a vocation.

  3. Use as a replacement for knife for some foods:

    You can also use dental floss to cut some foods such as boiled eggs, cakes, cheese, soft cheese, jelly, etc into small, cleaner and neater pieces.

  4. To sew hooks, buttons, etc and for patch holes:

    You can also use dental floss in a same way as you use a thread to sew hooks, buttons, etc on the clothes. It can also be used to cover the holes on the swimsuits by sewing it forth and back. One can also select a similar color dental floss matching with swimsuit.

  5. Replace fishing rod:

    If your fishing line is broken, then you can replace it with the use of a dental floss.

  6. String garland:

    One can replace thread with dental floss and use it for making garlands.

  7. Seal gaps and repair wood:

    When one removes the screw or nail from the wall, it will definitely leave a small gap on the wall. You can wind dental floss, roll it in glue and use as a filling material to fill the gaps. Then you can cover it with paint. Similarly, you can repair the wood by using a suitable length of stretched floss, that is rolled in glue. Slide it through the fissure and fill with the adhesives.

  8. Clean the cracks of furniture and cervices between tools:

    One can also floss the cervices between the tools and also the cracks of furniture to remove dirt.

These are a few other uses of dental floss. However, there are many other uses of dental floss which one use.

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