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Natural Dental Floss -How to Choose a Natural Dental Floss?

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsDental floss contain nylon as the main component, which is a synthetic fiber that is derived from the petroleum products. The source is the petroleum, which is a non-sustainable resource creates major detrimental impacts especially on the ecosystem, surface water, ground water and soil. in the extraction and production on the Some alternative flosses are also made with silk, which is a natural fiber. But, it shows minimal manufacturing-related ecosystem impacts (think resource intensiveness, waste and pollution) and disapproved by many pro-animal rights environmentalists.

Even the basic component of a floss may lack with a clear Eco-friendly options. Despite this, One can still choose a more eco-friendly dental floss by looking for some of the following things:

Tips for choosing a natural dental floss:

  • Avoid polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE):

    PTFE is an ingredient which is used as a coating in some floss and also in non-stick cookware. Along with this, there is another chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which is used as a coating in Teflon. Thus, United States Environmental Protection Agency has recommended companies to reduce the usage of these chemical as they are persistent (continuous) in the environment and alo in the blood of people in the US.

  • Look for natural wax or unwaxed coatings:

    Natural floss manufactures avoid the use of synthetic ingredients or chemicals in the favor of natural coatings and flavorings (beeswax or plant-based). Where as the conventional waxed flosses are coated with synthetic wax derived from petroleum.

  • Choose dental floss which are with recyclable and minimal packaging:

    Mostly manufactures use plastic as the material for the containers to pack dental floss, which again includes the pesky petroleum component. However, some manufacturers have minimized the usage of plastic by skipping the blister wrap or using cardboard cases in their packaging. Thus, make sure that whatever packaging material is used you recycle it.

  • Go cruelty-free:

    When you a use any product make sure that avoid products that employ animal testing. If one is concerned about the animal treatment and animal product, then he/she may avoid using floss coated with animal products such as beeswax or skin floss.So one can get assured about the dental floss by looking for the products with the Certified Vegan Logo and Leaping Bunny Logo, that they were not tested on animals and they don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients.

These are a few things one can check for before choosing a natural dental floss.

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