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Dental Floss Aids

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsDental floss aids are designed to help individuals who find flossing difficult or awkward to do. Flossing helps to remove the plaque (bacterial growth) formation which are present between the teeth and gums which cannot be removed through brushing. However, there are many types of dental floss aids which are been designed in way to make flossing easier to do.

Dental floss aids

The aids for dental flossing which make flossing easier are discussed below.

  • Vibrating dental flossier:

    The vibrating dental flossiers are easy to use. At the same time they have the additional benefit of massaging the gums along with cleaning the teeth and gums . When compared to conventional flossier the vibrating dental flossier are much more expensive.

  • Dental floss holder:

    A dental floss holders are available in a special form, for example, in a ‘Y’ shape. They are very effective at cleaning between the teeth. Dental floss holder (the floss is attached or fixed to the holder) are used in a similar way as one uses their hands to hold the floss and clean between the teeth. The floss holders are available in different length, but the ones with shorter handle are difficult to use. The dental floss holder are ideal for people having orthodontic braces or crowns, dental implants or a bridge.

  • Flossing stick:

    The flossing stick resembles a garden or a common stick. These are the most effective ones especially when the floss is tied tightly onto them. Generally, greater is its effectiveness when the floss is tighter.

These are the dental floss aids which one can use for the effective cleaning of the teeth and gums.

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