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Benefits of Dental Floss

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsDental floss is made of a plastic ribbon or thin nylon filaments bundle, used to remove plaque formation and food from the teeth. Dental floss may be unflavored or flavored and unwaxed or waxed. The floss is inserted gently between the teeth, then scrapped along the sides of the teeth. Flossing is one of the effective method to prevent various oral problems. Let us examine the benefits of dental floss in this article.

Benefits of Dental floss

There are many benefits of flossing as it helps to maintain the oral hygiene and prevent oral and health problems.

  • Flossing removes the tiny food particles which are stuck between the teeth and gums.
  • It also helps to remove the plaque formation (its a thin bio-film of bacterial growth) between the teeth which are not removed by brushing.
  • Thus, as plaque formation is removed, calculus and tartar formation is prevented. Calculus or tartar are the hardest forms of plague. Once they are formed, they cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. It requires a professional dentist.

A good hygiene involves brushing and flossing, which removes the main cause of all dental problems. Thus, they prevent all the other oral problems which are as follows:

  • Bad breath:

    It is the first condition of poor oral hygiene. Bad breath is due to the bacterial activity inside the mouth.

  • Gum problems:

    Flossing also prevents gum problems such as irritation and pain. These are caused due to the bacterial growth on the gum line and also due to the stuck food particles. Thus, flossing helps to remove them and make an individual comfortable and also prevent inflammation and swelling of gums. It ultimately prevents swelling of neck lymph nodes and the jaw.

  • Tooth disorders:

    As flossing helps to remove the food debris, it ultimately prevents tooth disorders, such as tooth cavities or dental caries, abscession and tooth loss.

  • Whitens teeth:

    Flossing after every meal helps to remove the food debris and also the tiny particles. It can polish the teeth surface making it look cleaner and whiter.

  • Healthy teeth:

    Flossing helps to prevent all the disorders and problems in the mouth and ultimately makes the teeth strong.

  • Recent study has also proved that regular flossing also reduces the risk of heart disease.

These are a few benefits of dental floss, so one must do a proper flossing regular.

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