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Dental Floss Threader – How to Use?

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsDental floss threaders are used to remove the plaque formation (bacterial growth), calculus or tartar (harder forms of plaque) which are present between the teeth and gums. These are not removed by the toothbrush as they cannot reach between the teeth and gums. These are specially designed for people with braces, bridges and with other dental work. The use of floss threader may be tricky in the beginning. Hence, in this article, there are some instruction which help you how to use a dental floss threader.

Instructions for the use of dental floss threaders

  1. Under the gum line, slip the floss threader from the straight end. Hold the floss and from the pointed end of the floss pull it through the threader.
  2. Use both the hands to hold the floss. Move it underneath the bridge and floss it as one does with a normal floss piece.


    Be extra careful while you use floss near the braces, bridges or new implants. When you finish flossing and cleaning the teeth, pull out the floss on the other side.

  3. Floss around each tooth thoroughly and also the orthodontic and bridgework appliances. Work it all around and each section of tooth and bridges.
  4. To ensure the maximum effectiveness, clean each implant or tooth up and down for five times. Make sure that you use a section of fresh floss each time to clean each tooth or implant.
  5. Buy superfloss, one of a variation in the floss threader if you prefer. It is available at a drugstore. It has a stiff and thick end which helps to pull the floss through the rest of it. Slide it between the teeth and under the bridges like you use the normal floss.

These are a few instructions while using a dental floss threader.

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