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Natural Remedies for Dental Abscess

Tooth abscess is a condition when pus accumulates around and in the infected tooth root. This usually causes tooth loss and is very painful. The main cause of this condition is the improper and poor dental hygiene. If the tooth abscess infection spreads to the surrounding tissues then the patients face becomes swollen and he/she may also develop fever due to unbearable toothache. Individuals having dental abscess should consult a dentist immediately for the treatment. One can use some natural remedies which are effective for tooth abscess, but they cannot replace the medical help.

Natural remedies for dental abscess

  • Brush with fluoride containing toothpaste:

    If an individual develops toothache, then he/she should brush the teeth properly to maintain a good oral hygiene. This helps to reduce the bacterial growth inside the mouth. Later, one can use natural remedies to minimize the symptoms of dental abscess.

  • Warm saline gargle:

    Add 1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of water and use this solution to gargle as it helps to alleviate the pain caused due to inflammation and acts as an anti-septic. It facilitates and helps the drainage of the accumulated fluid.

  • Tea bag:

    Place a warm tea bag on the infected area as it provides relief.

  • Baking soda and common salt:

    Prepare a paste using baking soda and common salt and rub it on the infection area with the help of a cotton swab.

  • Tea tree oil:

    Prepare a mouthwash using tea tree oil and water (in half a glass of water add tea tree oil). Rinse with it as it acts effectively and gives quick relief.

  • Ice pack:

    Place an ice pack or a piece of ice external to the mouth on the cheek where the abscessed tooth is present. This helps to reduce swelling, numb the pain and control oral inflammation.

  • Cloves:

    One can chew a single clove or apply clove oil or place a single clove near the abscessed tooth. It gives temporary but a quick relief.

  • Garlic:

    It is the best natural remedy for tooth abscess as it fights against the infection. One can chew a clove of garlic or crush a single clove and mix with common salt and place it on the infected and abscessed tooth.

These are a few natural remedies for dental abscess. One can use them for a temporary relief from the tooth abscess symptoms. This condition requires medical treatment and can be treated only with root canal therapy.

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