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Oral Thrush in Babies -Symptoms

Dietary-FluorideOral thrush is common infection in babies and is caused generally by the yeast -Candida. In newborn and children, the oral thrush is also known as Oropharyngeal Candidiasis. It generally doesn’t cause feeding problems and discomfort but in rare cases it may cause irritation which may interrupt breastfeeding. The Candida infection in the babies or infants causes a white coating within the mouth. This coating cannot be removed easily like the white coating after the breast milk or formula and it doesn’t go between the feedings. It can also cause diaper rashes and vaginal infections. In this article, there is a brief discussion on symptoms of oral thrush in babies.


  • White patches:

    This is the most common feature of oral thrush. One can notice a white patch coating in the mouth in infants with oral thrush. One can notice these patches inside the mouth on the tongue, inside the cheeks, on the roof inside the mouth, on the gums and lips as it spreads rapidly.

  • Pain:

    Due to oral thrush, infants develop white patches which are very painful. But, as they cannot complain they become fussy.

  • Avoids the feeding:

    Infants cannot complain they may not be show any symptoms other than leaving or avoiding their feedings. These can be very rare, but it is important to notice and examine a baby’s mouth on a regular basis.

  • Bleeding:

    The white patchy coating which is the primary and the common feature for examining oral thrush in babies. These patches do not easily get wiped off like those formed after breastfeeding or formula. If one tries to wipe them, then bleeding can occur. The bleeding can become severe and turn into an ulcer.

These are a few symptoms of oral thrush in babies.

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