Dental Problems

Oral Disease Symptoms

Tooth-DryOral diseases are caused due to various reasons. There are many oral diseases and their symptoms are discussed in this article.

Dental and Oral Disease Symptoms:

  • Cavities:

    Early symptoms of tooth cavity includes white, yellow, brown and later black spots due to demineralization of the tooth enamel. Bacteria that are naturally present inside the mouth utilize the food residues and particles and release acids which cause demineralization or destruction of tooth enamel that results in tooth cavity.

  • Gum diseases:

    There are many symptoms of gum or periodontal diseases which include persistent bad breath (halitosis), bad taste in the mouth, bleeding of the gums, red, puffy gums, pain in the gums, tenderness of gums, changes in the way the teeth fit while biting, pus between the gums and teeth, loose teeth, teeth look longer due to gum recession and gums and teeth become sensitive to cold and heat.

  • Abscessed tooth:

    Signs for an abscessed tooth include tooth pain, sensitivity to cold and heat, fever and swollen glands in the neck. Early treatment can be helpful to save an abscessed tooth.

  • Injured teeth:

    A tooth or teeth can be injured, broken or cracked due to an accident. People usually ignore this until they develop tooth pain, break the tooth while eating or when they feel sensitive to heat or cold.

  • Dry mouth:

    Constant sore throat, problems while speaking, burning sensation, difficulty in speaking, dry nasal passages or hoarseness are the dry mouth symptoms. If the condition is left untreated it promotes bacterial growth and damages the teeth.

  • Canker sores:

    The symptoms prior to the development of canker sores include burning or tingling sensation inside the mouth in the area where the sore development will occur. Sores appear as a round and whitish spot with a halo or red edge on the tongue, inside the cheeks and soft palate. They are very painful and cause eating and chewing difficulties.

  • Cold sore:

    Redness and itchiness is the first sign of a cold sore on a spot surrounding the lips. This may sometimes occur under the chin or nose. The spot develops into a single blister or into a group of painful and fluid-filled blisters.

  • Bruxism or teeth grinding:

    The signs of bruxism or teeth grinding include teeth sensitivity, sore jaw and a dull headache. Some common symptoms include pain around or inside the ear, jaw tenderness, popping or clicking noises while opening the mouth or neck aches and headaches. The pain can be related to the temporomandibular joint (which is located in front of the ear), the jaw, or to the face muscles, these problems are called temporomandibular disorders or TMD.

  • Oral cancer:

    The warning sings of oral cancer include persistent irritation or soreness that does not heal, white or red patches inside the mouth, tenderness, numbness or pain in the lips or mouth, change in bite, difficulty in speaking, chewing and swallowing and a thickening, lump, crust, rough spot or small eroded area.

These are the oral diseases and their symptoms which one may notice in an infected person.

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