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Gum Disease Symptoms in Cats

allergy-in-catGum disease is the bacterial infection of the gums and the underlying tissues. This causes inflammation of the gums, receding of gums and ultimately tooth loss. Gum or periodontal disease is the most common mouth or oral disease which affect cats. Let us examine the gum disease symptoms in cats.

Gum disease symptoms in cats

The symptoms of gum disease depends on the degree of infection of the gums and mouth and on the specific underlying conditions of the infection in cats. There are many typical symptoms which are listed below:

  • Bad breath:

    This is the common symptom of all the dental problems along with the gum diseases. This is a result of increased bacterial growth and its activity inside the mouth.

  • Difficulty in eating:

    Gum diseases cause inflammation of the gums, which leads to difficulty in eating and chewing for the infected cats.

  • Weight loss:

    Due to pain in the gums, cats avoid food which results in weight loss.

  • Drooling saliva

    : Cats may drool saliva and this may also include blood. Tacky (sticky) saliva which stretches across when the cat opens its mouth.

  • Redness:

    They may show redness of the gums and sometimes the mouth lining.

  • Inability to open and close the mouth:

    This is due to the gum inflammation and pain.

  • Receding gums:

    This is another symptom of advanced stage of gum diseases which expose the gum root. Eventually, after the gum recession, tooth becomes loose and falls off.

  • Pawing at the face or mouth or rubbing the sides of the mouth against the ground due to the pain.
  • Discoloration of white teeth is the common symptom in the early stages. But, in the advanced stage the teeth change its color to yellow or brown. There may be some discoloration spots, brown or yellow deposits on the gum edges or on the teeth. In advanced stage, these will appear as rough crusts due tot deposition of calculus or tartar.

These are a few gum disease symptoms in cats which need immediate attention by dentists.

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