Dental Problems

Dental Implant Problems

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisDental implants are usually performed to replace teeth. Dentists replace many teeth in a patient with dental implants. They are the better alternative options when compared to other options of teeth restorations. However, there are some problems associated with dental implants. One should go for a professional and well experienced dentist and follow the instructions properly to reduce the dental implants problems.

Dental Implant Problems :

Some of the dental implants problems which can develop in a patient after the completion of dental implant process are discussed below;

  • Peri-implantitis:

    Among the most common problems, it is one of them which is associated with dental implants and is one of the major causes of dental implant failure. Peri-implantitis is mainly caused due to microbial infection especially with bacterial infection at the implantation site. Inflammation and swelling of the tissues surrounding the dental implants is noticed. In severe, cases, it may lead to jawbone damage.

  • Injuries and damage:

    Dental implant procedure can cause tissue injury and damage in the adjacent site like other surgeries. It results in temporary swelling, but it becomes normal with proper care within a few days.

  • Loose dental implants:

    This is another common problem of dental implants. It results due to improper implant placement or failure of the implant (which fails to integrate with the bone of the jaw). In some cases, there may be a breakage of dental implant at the site, which requires an immediate replacement as soon as possible.

  • Nerve damage:

    It is another problem of dental implant. This results due to the placement of the dental implant over the nerve or very near to the nerve, which causes unbearable pain especially when it is placed on the nerve. In such cases, patients need to immediately consult their dentist, he/she may remove and replace it again, if necessary.

  • Sinus problems:

    When the dental implant is performed in the upper jaw and if it disturbs or damages any of the cavities of the sinus. It results in sinus problems. Dentists need to replace the dental implant to combat the problem.

These are some of the dental implant problems, if you notice or experience any of them, then immediately consult your dentist to treat the condition and to prevent further damage.

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