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Dental Implant Problems – Reasons

avoid-smokikjDental implant problems are very rare and their success rates are quite good, about 98%. The reasons for dental implant problems can be due to improper placement of the implant or improper care after the dental teeth implantation. Let us examine the reasons for dental implant problems.

Reasons for dental implant problems

    • Poor or improper oral hygiene:

      Poor oral hygiene or bad habits can cause infection in the mouth and at the implantation site. It causes inflammation of the jawbone surrounding the implant and leads to bone loss.

    • Infection:

      During the implantation process, if an infection is introduced, then it can also lead to tissue and jawbone damage of the adjacent site near to the implantation. It is one of the main cause for the failure of dental implant.

    • Insufficient bone mass:

      When a dental implant is placed in a site in the jawbone where the volume is insufficient for the implant to bond properly to the bone, it results in failure of the dental implant. In such cases, bone grafting can be done before the dental implant surgery to reduce the complications of dental implants.

    • Smoking:

      It is a major cause for several health problems, including dental health. Smoking increases the risk of dental implant failure. Thus, dentists urge patients to stop smoking (if they are smokers).

    • Patient’s general health / physical condition:

      Patients with good health and better physical condition have a higher success rate than patients suffering with other health problems. Health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or other health conditions might impair growth of the bone in the patient. Bone growth is mainly affected due to poor blood supply, specifically to the bone site where the dental implant is placed.

    • Immediate loading:

      During the dental implant process, dentists may immediately place the crown on the top of the implant just after placing it in the jawbone. This causes more pressure on the implant and results in dental implant failure.

These are some of the reasons for dental implant problems which one can prevent with a little extra care and following the dentists instructions properly.

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