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Wisdom Teeth Extraction -Risks and Complications

dentalcareWisdom teeth are the third molars which develop later in an individual between the age of 18 and 24. Due to the problems of developing wisdom teeth, dentists may recommend to extract them. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure, but it can also lead to various complications and risks. A person who had wisdom teeth extraction should know that there are risks and complications which can occur. Let us examine some of the wisdom teeth extraction risks and complications which are one should know.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Risks and Complications:

  • Infection:

    It is an uncommon complication after the wisdom teeth extraction. One should take it seriously and consult your dentist. Fever above 100° orally, severe pain, abnormal swelling, prolonged bad or a salty taste, with or without the discharge from the infected site.

  • Injury to the adjacent teeth:

    During the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, their can be a damage to the adjacent teeth or bone. This can result in severe pain and swelling.

  • Dry Socket:

    This is a common complication which results when a blood clot fails to occur over the wound and exposes the nerves and bones to the saliva, fluids, food and air. It may cause dull aching sensation and pain after the surgery in the jaw and gum and also accompanied with bad smell. The symptoms and complications increases if the instructions are not followed properly. Consult your dentist as he/she will do a medicated dressing until the wound is healed completely.

  • Some other complications which can be seen in a patient after surgery are Sinus complications, root fragments, jaw fractures, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction pain.

One needs to consult his/her dentist regular after surgery for a regular checkup. If you find discomfort or irritation after few of surgery then immediately consult your dentist to prevent further complications and follow the prescribe medicines and instructions properly.

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