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Wisdom Tooth Infection Treatment

Nursing-CariesWisdom tooth can lead to problems in the mouth which may become serious. Thus, it is better to consult dentists if you develop any of the dental problems. They will help to find the exact cause and give a better treatment. Wisdom tooth problems can cause infections which need treatment. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the wisdom tooth infection treatment.

Treatment for wisdom tooth infection

  • Pericoronitis (inflammation of the gum or gingivitis above or near the partially erupted tooth) can be difficult or complicated to treat. This is because of the gum tissue flap which doesn’t go away until the tissue is either removed or until the wisdom tooth naturally emerges out.
  • If the surrounding tissue is damaged or if it excretes pus, then the dentist will clean it off thoroughly. He/she may also prescribe oral antibiotics if the surrounding area is infected.
  • Your dentist will also give some instructions to keep the area clean. This includes
    1. Brushing and flossing regularly with proper technique.
    2. Rinsing the mouth with water for several times in a day.

    This helps to prevent the accumulation of food particles in the area. This is also the best way to stop and prevent the problem.

  • In some cases, dentists may suggest you to go for a tooth extraction once the pericoronitis comes under control. They may also leave the tooth alone, if they think that the tooth may emerge out completely without any problem. But, if there is any recurrence of pericoronitis, then the tooth needs to be extracted.
  • The symptoms of pericoronitis should be treated as early as possible. If not, the infection can become severe and can even spread to other parts inside the mouth. If this happens, the treatment includes intravenous antibiotics along with a surgery.

These are some of the wisdom tooth infection treatment performed by the dentists.

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