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Common Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisWisdom teeth are the lower and upper third molars which are located next to the second molars or at the very back in the mouth. Wisdom teeth are called so because they usually come in at the later age, between 17 to 24 years. They may cause problems while they begin to come in, as they break through the gums. Let us examine the common problems with wisdom teeth in this article.

Symptoms and Common Problems with Wisdom Teeth:

The symptoms or problems with wisdom teeth may not be seen in every individual and it may not be the same. Some of the common problems associated with wisdom teeth are discussed below:

  • Pain:

    One can experience pain near the developing wisdom teeth and around the jaw. Pain can become severe while chewing food and while talking.

  • Jaw stiffness:

    Due to pain, an individual may hold the jaw in a similar position without any movement. This can lead to jaw stiffness.

  • Irritation and discomfort:

    One may experience irritation and discomfort caused by the developing wisdom teeth. This occurs when the incoming wisdom teeth come in an awkward angle or if they rub against the tongue, cheek or other parts inside the mouth.

  • Swelling:

    Developing wisdom teeth may also cause swelling in an individual, when they rupture or damage the gum tissues.

  • Crowding:

    When incoming teeth come partially or completely under the second molars, it leads to crowding and can cause the above problems. This may require wisdom teeth extraction.

These are some of the common problems associated with wisdom teeth. If you experience any of the above problems then immediately consult your dentist. He/she will able to find the exact cause and give a better treatment.

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