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Home Remedy for Toothache -Pepper

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisPeople are now more concerned about their health and lifestyle. So, they are using only those things and materials which are safe and effective. If we talk about the medicines and home remedies, most of them take home remedies as their choice. This is because of the reason that the home remedies are easy and safe to use, very effective, easily available and very cheap. Let us examine the ways of using a home remedy for toothache- pepper.

Pepper as a home remedy for toothache

Pepper helps to fight against bad breath, bad gums, toothache, bleeding gums and dental cavities.

  • One can use a mixture of pepper (a pinch of powder) and common salt (one-fourth teaspoon) to clean the teeth. It acts effectively by preventing bad breath, dental caries, bleeding gums and toothaches when you use it daily. It also helps to cure the sensitivity of the teeth.
  • One can also make a paste of the above mixture (1/4th teaspoon of common salt and a pinch of peeper powder) by adding water to it. Apply the paste on the affected tooth or cavity at least twice daily. It helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy for the rest of life.
  • One can also place the paste of pepper powder mixed with clove oil on the tooth cavities. It helps to alleviate toothache.
  • Grind equal amounts of long pepper and black pepper into a fine powder and add wax and make pellets. Place a pellet in the cavities, it helps to relieve from toothache.

These are a few ways or methods of using pepper as home remedy for toothache. One can use them the home remedy for toothache -pepper as it effectively relieves from toothache.

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