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Home Remedy for Toothache -Garlic

Gargle-with-apple-cider-vinegarHome remedies are easy and safe to use, easily available in every kitchen, affordable and effectively treats the condition without causing any side effects. There are many home remedies for toothache which are very effective. Garlic can also be used as a home remedy for toothache. In this article there is a brief discussion on the home remedy for toothache -garlic.

Garlic as a home remedy for toothache

Among the most easy and effective toothache home remedies, garlic is one. It helps to relief from the pain and discomfort. The various ways one can use the home remedy for toothache -garlic is listed below.

  • One can mash a single clove of garlic and add a pinch of rock salt. Then place it on the affected tooth. It will helps to relieve the pain and even cures it.
  • One can also chew a clove of garlic early in the morning. Chewing the clove ever day in the morning helps to cure the toothache and teeth by making them healthy and strong.
  • One can also use some cloves of garlic as one of the main ingredient in every dish you prepare. This adds to the over all health supplements to the body.

How does garlic act effectively to treat toothache?

Garlic contains allicin, a powerful compound which acts as a powerful antibiotic. When a garlic is crushed this compound is released and is believed to slow down the bacterial activity. Thus, garlic is used with other remedies for toothache. This also holds a prominent place in the traditional medicine and is used in all traditional methods of treatment for toothache.

Does garlic cure toothache?

It is important to note that prolong usage of garlic can lead to skin irritation and it is not a permanent solution. It is only used with other home remedies for a temporary treatment to substitute medical treatment. However, in some cases it can cure toothache.

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