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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay – Treatment

Top-11-Simple-Tips-on-Bottle-FeedingBabies who are frequently fed with milk or juices are at a higher risk of developing baby bottle tooth decay. This is because of the sugars present in milk and juices, which are left over on the teeth. However, it is important to treat any disease condition at an early stage to stop the progression of the disease. Let us examine the treatment of baby bottle tooth decay which is discussed in this article.

Treatment for baby bottle tooth decay

The treatment for any disease can vary depending on the condition of the disease, similar is the case for the treatment of baby bottle tooth decay.

  • The first thing dentists do before starting any treatment is the complete examination of the disease condition. Later they will tell you about the condition, prevention and treatment for baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Treatment for early detection: In the early stages of decay, your baby’s teeth may show white lines or spots on the teeth due to demineralization. The treatment for this includes diet modification and the topical application of fluoride for remineralization of teeth.
  • Other treatments are not necessary for babies as they have milky or temporary teeth, which will be replaced with permanent teeth.

A dentist may provide some preventive measures to stop the further process of baby bottle tooth decay. However, make sure to take a little extra care for your baby’s teeth and also take her/him for a regular checkup. This is about the treatment for baby bottle tooth decay in babies.

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