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Causes of Tooth Decay in Toddlers

Preventing-Dental-Injuries-in-ChildrenTooth decay in toddlers? You may not believe, but it may occur. Tooth decay can be a result in individuals who have poor dental health, improper dental hygiene and deficiency of fluoride. These are the general causes of tooth decay in toddlers. Some of the other tooth decay causes in toddlers are discussed below.

What are the causes of tooth decay in toddlers?

It is true that babies do not eat sugary and sweet foods, but they are usually on a fluid diet. A baby’s diet usually contains milk, fluids and formulated foods and drinks. These foods can be cause for the decay of your baby’s teeth.

How a baby’s diet can cause tooth decay?

A baby’s diet includes milk, juice and other formulated fluids and foods. These contain sugar which are the main cause of tooth decay. When you baby takes his/her meal with milk or formulated foods, sugar molecules of the foods are left on the tooth surface. Bacteria present in the mouth attack on the sugar molecules, utilize them and release acids which destroy the tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay.

How to prevent tooth decay in toddlers?

The best way to prevent tooth decay in toddlers is by taking the dental care and with water. Make sure that after every meal your baby drinks plenty of water, as it helps to wash the food residue and sugar molecules in the mouth. If your baby is too young then after breast feeding you can wipe their gums with a clean washcloth.

How long it takes for the bacteria to attack the teeth?

Bacteria usually attack on the sugars left on the teeth after the meals just after 30 to 40 minutes. So, it is good to make sure that your baby drinks plenty of water after every meal especially before going to bed.

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