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Dental Hygiene for Kids

Dietary-FluorideDental hygiene for kids is very important, because it helps to prevent various dental problems and diseases. Improper dental hygiene can lead to bad breath, toothaches, dental cavities and gum or periodontal diseases. So, to avoid them one needs to follow a proper dental hygiene for kids.

Dental Hygiene for Kids

  1. Nutritional counselling –

    One should make sure that their kids consume less and simple sugar (table sugar or sucrose) instead of complex sugar (dextrose). This will help to lower the acid-producing bacterial number in the mouth. Kids should have adequate dietary vitamins A, C, and D, phosphorus and calcium. This helps promote strong and healthy enamel formation.

  2. Home Dental hygiene –

    Every individual needs to follow a good dental hygiene. It includes brushing twice a day and flossing after every meal with proper techniques. It helps to remove the plaque formation (bacterial growth) on the surface and between the teeth. One can chew self-cleaning foods such as celery and apples and also drink milk after the meal. This helps to sweep away off food residue and plaque.

  3. Avoid giving snacks between the meals –

    Every snack causes an acid attack in the mouth on the enamel. So, snacking frequently can lead to destruction of tooth enamel. Eating desserts and have fewer snacks with meals can help to lower the acid attack number on the teeth.

  4. Fluorides –

    Fluoride is an essential component of the tooth enamel formation. It helps to strengthen the developing dentin layers and enamel of a child’s teeth. Parents need to make sure that their kids are having exact quantity of fluoride in the water. If the fluoride content is very less than one can consult your child’s pediatrician and use fluoride tablets or topical fluorides (gels).

  5. Sealants –

    These are plastic coatings which are usually painted on the fissures and pits of chewing surfaces. They are usually done on the back teeth such as bicuspids and molars to prevent cavities. They are recommended for the permanent teeth in kids. They help to reduce cavities in both adult teeth and baby teeth which are likely to develop cavity. The process of sealants doesn’t require anesthesia and is painless and very simple.

These are few of things which one should follow to maintain a good dental hygiene for kids.

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