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Dental Problems in Babies – Prevention

Preventing-Dental-Injuries-in-ChildrenDental problems in babies can also occur due to many reasons. However, it is better to take some preventive measures while taking care of your baby. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the preventive tips for dental problems in babies.

Some of the tips which can help to prevent dental problems in babies are discussed below:

  • Never offer a bottle filled either with sugary fluids or milk to calm your baby, instead, fill the bottle with plain water or offer a pacifier.
  • Never offer sugar fluids to your baby just before going to bed. It increases the tooth decay risk.
  • When you switch your baby from breast-feeding to bottle feeding, make sure that you don’t add sugar in the milk. Use only plain water or formulated baby milk during bottle-feeding.
  • Avoid giving flavoured milk, juices drinks and squashes to your young baby, as they can cause decay of the tooth.
  • Never give fizzy drinks to your toddler or baby, as they can also damage the teeth.
  • Never dip your toddlers dummy in anything which is sugary and sweet, such as syrups or juices.
  • While you are suing any of the ready made baby foods available in the market, make sure to check the label on the packs.
  • Never choose foods which contain sweeteners or sugars, instead go for sugar-free foods.
  • One can use formula milk, breast milk or mashed banana to sweeten the food, if required.
  • Minimize the sugar content in your baby’s food.
  • When you start feeding solid foods to your baby include savory foods like vegetables and pasta, instead of sugary or sweet foods. This is because a baby develops a taste for sweet or savory foods only after tasting those foods regularly. So, it better to avoid sweet and savory foods as much as possible.

These are a few tips to prevent dental problems in babies.

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