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What are the Signs of Oral Cancer?

Tooth-DryOral cancer is a cancer of the lip, tongue, tonsils and other parts present inside the mouth. They may look like discolored areas or open sores in the mouth. Oral cancers are diagnosed through biopsies and X-rays. However, there are some signs of oral cancer which can develop in a person suffering with oral cancer.

Signs of oral cancer

There are many signs of oral cancer that can develop in a person who is attacked with oral cancer. Some of them are listed below:

  • Non-healing oral sores:

    A patient suffering with oral cancer may develop non-healing oral sores.

  • Lump or bumps:

    One can develop lumps or bumps on the tongue, gums, lips or other areas within in the mouth.

  • Oral red patches:

    Red patches can develop on mouth, gums and tongue

  • Oral white patches:

    White patches can appear on tongue, gums and mouth.

  • Mouth pains:

    Due to this condition, a person may develop pain in the mouth.

  • Mouth numbness:

    one can also experience loss of feeling or unexplained numbness.

  • Patients suffering with oral cancer may have difficulty and pain while chewing and swallowing
  • One can also experience persistent sore throat, hoarseness and change in voice.
  • Swollen jaw and ear pain:

    oral cancer patients may also develop swollen jaw and may experience severe ear pain.

  • Denture problems:

    Patients with oral cancer may feel uncomfortable with dentures and may also have denture fitting problems

  • Persistent lip sore, mouth sore, gum sore, tongue sore, tongue lump, lip lump, gum lump, mouth lump.
  • Bleeding can occur from lips, tongue, gums and other areas of the mouth.
  • Loose tooth
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue

The treatment for oral cancer is usually done with radiations and surgical therapy. If you experience any of the symptoms consult your doctor, for the early prevention. The oral cancers can also be prevented with regular dental checkups.

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