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Mouth Ulcers Symptoms

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisMouth ulcers or open lesions appear in the mouth. They may develop due to various causes such as cuts, wounds, etc. One can notice the signs and symptoms of ulcers in the mouth. In this article, mouth ulcers symptoms are discussed.

Mouth ulcers symptoms

Mouth ulcers show many signs and symptoms some of them are listed below:

  • Appearance:

    Mouth ulcers are identified easily with their appearance in the mouth. A mouth ulcer can be detected either with their shape, color or affect on the area.

    • Shape:

      They may be oval or round in shape.

    • Color:

      They may appear in grey, yellow or white in color.

    • Affect on the area:

      They cause inflammation or trauma on the affected area.

  • Site of development:

    Mouth ulcers usually develop in the mouth. For example, it may occur on:

    • the lower surface or on the tongue
    • the floor or roof of the mouth, however, ulcer on the roof of the mouth is very rare
    • the inside of the cheeks, the area touching the teeth and gums
    • the inner side of the lips
  • Pain:

    Ulcers cause pain while talking and eating.

  • Discomfort:

    One may feel discomfort, especially when brushing, drinking and eating (hot and spicy foods).

  • Open sores:

    Usually open sore appear inside the mouth, on the inside of the cheeks, lips and tongue.

  • Swollen skin:

    One can also experience swollen skin near the surrounding area of the ulcer or sore.

  • Tenderness:

    The skin surrounding the sore becomes tender.

  • Burning or tingling feeling:

    An individual may experience a burning or tingling feeling, just before a few days (1-2 days) of ulcer formation.

  • Loss of appetite:

    Due to the discomfort and pain while eating, one may have loss of appetite.

Mouth ulcers usually last for few days (10-14 days), but in some cases, it may become severe and last for about several weeks.

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