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Mouth Injuries -Types of Mouth Injuries

Oral Submucous FibriosisMouth injuries occur due to various reasons, however they can also be treated. Mouth injuries include those injuries that occur to the tongue, lip, frenulum (the upper lip flap), inner cheeks, back of the mouth (throat and tonsils) mouth floor or mouth roof (soft and hard palate).

Types of mouth injuries

There are a few types of mouth injuries which can occur in a person. Some of these types of mouth injuries are listed below.

  • Cuts of the cheeks (inside the mouth) or of the tongue. These can occur as a result of biting them accidentally, especially while eating or talking. These are the one of the most common injuries of the mouth.
  • The upper lip bruises and cuts can usually occur due to accidental falls. This usually tears the tissue piece which connects the gum to the upper lip and is very common. This always heals the injury without sutures (stitching).
  • The lower lip cuts or bruises can cause by the inner and outer lower lip cuts, but they can’t cut through the lip. These are caused usually due to the catching of the lower lip between the lower teeth and the upper lip during a fall. In most cases, they don’t require sutures (stitching) unless the outer cut of the lower lip is gaping (wide open).
  • Most potentially serious injuries in the mouth include those to the soft palate, tonsils or the throat. These can result due to the falling of the person with a toothbrush or a pencil in the mouth.

These are some of the common types of mouth injuries which can occur due to the above reasons. If the bleeding do not stop then hold the injured part tightly fro 10 -20 minutes. Then immediately consult your doctor to get relief from the pain and to stop bleeding.

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