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Top 8 Tips for Denture Cleaning

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsDentures are also affected by the germs in a similar way as of natural teeth. But, the cleaning process of dentures differs from those of natural teeth. Thus, one needs to follow a correct procedure and technique while cleaning dentures. The top 8 tips for denture cleaning are discussed in this article.

  1. Always clean your dentures in the water filled sink or one can place a cloth (damp) in the basin or sink, so as to avoid breakage of dentures if you drop dentures in the sink.
  2. Use lukewarm water or cold water to rinse the dentures for removing the food particles or residue that have been attached with your dentures. Make sure not use hot water.
  3. Use only a recommended denture paste or cleaner to clean the dentures. Conventional toothpastes are not designed as denture cleaners and they can also damage the dentures.
  4. Use only moistened denture brush to clean the dentures, but never use a tooth brush. Brush your teeth gently and carefully, as hard brushing can lead to broken or cracked dentures.
  5. Use appropriate and recommended denture cleaning solutions by your dentist to clean your dentures. Some of them include Polident, Fittydent or Efferdent, which can be soaked for about half an hour. One can also consult dentists about the soaking time of dentures.
  6. Make sure to rinse the dentures properly before wearing them. Use fresh water to rinse the dentures.
  7. Before wearing the dentures, one can use a toothbrush with soft bristled to brush the natural teeth, tongue, palate and gums. This helps to stimulate blood circulation by removing excess plaque. Thus, helps to maintain good oral health.
  8. Always rinse your mouth with a suitable mouth cleaner or mouthwash.

These are a few top 8 tips for denture cleaning, which one can follow for good oral health.

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