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Top 7 Reasons to Have Teeth Cleaning

People usually want to know the reasons for every thing either they are related or not. Similarly, one also want to know the reasons why to have a dental cleaning instead of regular oral techniques. A regular oral technique only helps to remove a small extent of bacterial growth. There are some other reasons why one should have a dental cleaning.

Top 7 reasons to have teeth cleaning

  1. Oral cancer:

    Oral cancer foundation, according to them every hour a person dies due to oral cancer in the US alone. So while you have a dental cleaning, dentists also screens for oral cancer. It is highly curable and can be prevented if diagnosed early.

  2. Good physical health:

    Studies has shown that there is a link between bad oral hygiene and heart attacks and strokes. Thus, it can be avoided by a regular dental checkup or cleaning, as it helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

  3. Gum diseases:

    Gum or periodontal diseases are caused by the bacterial growth on the teeth and gums as plaque, tartar and calculus. They infect the gum tissues and bones which keep teeth in place. Regular dental cleaning helps to prevent gum diseases as plaque, tartar and calculus formation is eliminated.

  4. To detect teeth problems:

    Regular dental cleaning also helps to detect any of the signs of the teeth problems such as broken fillings, cavities or any other. So that they can be treated and prevented. If these problems are not diagnosed early then you might need to have gum surgery, root canals and also tooth loss.

  5. To keep the teeth:

    Due to oral diseases, tooth loss is one of affect. Thus, regular dental cleanings and checkups, flossing and brushing help to maintain the teeth well. This also helps to have a white and shine teeth.

  6. Bad breath:

    Bacteria are the major cause of oral problems including bad breath. Regular checkup and cleanings helps to prevent their growth and to maintain a fresh breath.

  7. Good oral health:

    Regular dental cleaning helps to eliminate all the oral problems. Preventing oral problems helps to maintain a good oral health.

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