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Denture Cleaning Solution -Precautions to Take

swishMany different denture cleaning solutions are available in the market, with different kinds of ingredients. The ingredients present in the cleaning solution can cause an effect on the dentures. So, it is better to consult your dentist before using any type of denture cleaning solution along with the precautions..

Precautions to take before using any type of the denture cleaning solutions

  • Test trials:

    It is better to do test trials before using any of the denture cleaning solutions. A part of dentures or false teeth are made of the plastic (acrylic resin) as they do not absorb flavors and tastes. But, when the soaking solution (i.e. vinegar or bleach) is used it becomes complicated and it can cause bad tasting. Thus, it is better to use short-term trials for soaking with the cleaning solution which you have selected to make sure there is no effect.

  • Use recommended denture cleaning solutions:

    Dentures may include small resilient or soft lining materials either in the treatment material or placed within the dentures. These materials or parts are usually intended for permanent (indefinite) use, while other materials are strictly temporary. These soft materials of dentures may possibly get damaged or absorbs the taste from the soaking denture cleaning solution. Dentist can recommend the appropriate cleaning solution for the materials used in dentures.

  • Denture soaking time:

    Denture cleaning solutions can corrode the metal parts of dentures or false teeth, because of the oxidizing agents present in denture cleaners. The reports show that if the dentures are placed in the cleaning solution for more than 10 minutes per day, then the bleaching or cleaning solution can cause metal staining. The commercial products label the precautions on the packaging. However, it is better to take the recommendation from the dentist for the soaking time.

Thus, before using a denture cleaning solution it is better to take precautions for best results.

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