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What are the Oral Hygiene Aids?

Oral Hygiene AidsA good oral hygiene is helpful to keep the teeth healthy and is very important to protect from germs. Let us examine some of the oral hygiene aids discussed in this article.

Definition of oral hygiene aids:

These are tools which are used inside the mouth to eliminate the stuck food particles and plaque. A plaque is a thin sticky film on the teeth which causes tooth decay or dental caries, gum or periodontal disease and bad breath (halitosis).

Oral hygiene aids

The tools which are used for the dental hygiene helps to maintain health condition of the teeth and gums in the following way:

  • Toothbrush:

    It is used to clean the gum lines and teeth and helps to remove plaque.

  • Dental floss:

    It is a thin, thread-like material which is used to clean and remove the plaque and food residue, present between the teeth and even under the gum line.

  • Dental toothpick:

    It also helps in a similar way as dental floss.

  • Toothpaste:

    It is the preparation made from different ingredients which is placed on the toothbrush and used to brush the teeth. They also help to remove the clean the teeth and to eliminate the plaque formation. Some of the ingredients which are most commonly present in the toothpaste are listed below:

    • Polishing agents:

      These help to polish the teeth while brushing and conditions the teeth.

    • Fluoride:

      This is the common ingredient present in all the toothpaste. It helps to prevent tooth decay.

    • Anti-tartar agents:

      They help to prevent the formation or build up of tartar or calculus.

    • Anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis agents:

      They also help to control and prevent the build up of plaque and gingivitis.

    • Whiteners:

      They whiten the teeth by removing the stains.

    • Sensitivity agents: These are presently rare in all toothpaste, but are always present in medicated toothpaste. They reduce the teeth sensitivity to cold and hot foods and sweets.
  • Mouthwash:

    It is a liquid compound that is used to rinse or gargle to fight against bacteria as it contains fluoride. It also helps to control the following conditions:

    • Bad breath (halitosis)
    • Plaque formation
    • Gingivitis
    • Calculus and tartar

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