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How to Clean Dentures Using Bleach Solution?

Nursing-CariesHousehold bleach or Chlorox can also play a vital role in dentures care, by both cleaning and disinfecting. In homemade denture cleaners, the most commonly used is the diluted bleach solution. In this article there is a brief discussion on how to clean dentures using bleach solution.

How to prepare the proper bleach solution?

Bleach solution is prepared by adding one part of bleach powder to ten parts of tap water. This is the exact quantity of solution which has shown to kill germs which are harbored on the denture surface. It also helps to remove the staining and discoloration of dentures.

What is the correct way to use the bleach solution?

Pour the bleach solution in a bowl or a glass and place the denture in the solution to soak for about 20 to 30 minutes, this is the usually recommended time.

How can we increase the effectiveness of bleach solution?

Only bleaching solution on the dentures (containing tartar) will not remove the hardened tartar. To remove the hardened tartar, one can add Calgon water softener about one teaspoon (Calgon used here is the calcium-chelating agent, but not the bath oil or soap of calgon) to the bleach solution (ten to one tap water to bleach powder). This above solution acts effectively as an disinfectant and tartar-removing soak.

What are the precautions while using bleach solution?

  • Make sure to properly rinse the dentures after soaking. If the solution is left on the dentures, then there is a high possibility of solution to cause damage or irritation to the gum tissues.
  • Prolong usage of bleaching solution can cause lightening of pink plastic denture. However, this change cannot be seen in every individual. The effect of bleaching solution cannot be readily noticeable.
  • Bleaching solution can make the partial dentures corrosive, if the soaking time of the dentures is more than the recommended.

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