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What are the Basics for Good Oral Hygiene?

Good oral hygiene makes the teeth healthy and look white and shine with good breath. So to maintain the health condition of the teeth and gums, one need to follow the basics for good oral hygiene. In this article, there is a a discussion on the basics of oral hygiene.

Basics for oral hygiene

  • Proper brushing the teeth and gums:

    One should follow a proper technique for brushing the teeth and gums. This helps to remove the plaque and stuck food particles from the teeth and gums along with bacteria. Thus, brush your teeth twice a day, at least once before the bed time.

  • Proper flossing:

    Flossing also requires a proper technique, otherwise it can also damage the lining of the gums and tissues. It also helps to remove the stuck particles, bacteria and reduces the plaque formation. So you need to floss daily, it is better to floss after having meals as it helps to remove the food particles.

  • Use fluoride products:

    Dentists usually recommend fluoride containing toothpaste and mouthwash, as it helps to fight against the bacteria and maintain the dental health. Make sure that children use only a pea-sized toothpaste. Excess fluoride can also lead to various other problems.

  • Balance diet:

    Maintaining a balance diet is very important, as it helps to maintain overall health of the body including teeth. This also helps to build the immune system which is very important for a living organism to fight against the microorganisms which can cause life-threatening diseases. So include raw vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet along with milk or dietary products.

  • Fluoridated water:

    Make sure that kids under the age 12, drinks a prescribed amount of fluoridated water, as it helps to maintain the dental health. If you are living in the non-fluoridated area, then consult your child doctor, as he/she will prescribe some fluoride supplements for your child.

These are few basics for good oral hygiene, one can follow them as it helps to maintain a dental health.

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