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How to Clean Dentures Using Vinegar?

Vinegar is one of the product which can be used to clean the dentures, one can use it by preparing a solution. Vinegar (acetic acid) solution has been used in the demonstration to find its effectiveness. It was found to be effective in killing the germs that live on dentures surface. Read on to know how to clean dentures using vinegar.

How to prepare vinegar solution?

Take vinegar and add equal amounts of water and mix well, this forms a cleaning solution. One can use this vinegar solution to clean the dirtiness and the debris from the dentures.

How to use the solution to clean the debris?

One can add vinegar solution either in a bowl or glass and place the dentures in the solution. The vinegar solution acts as a cleaning solution and cleans the dentures.

How long should the dentures be soaked in the vinegar or cleaning solution?

A soaking period for dentures in the vinegar solution is around 20 to 30 minutes, which is the recommended time.

How does vinegar clean the dentures or false teeth?

As vinegar is acidic in nature, which makes its effective to clean the dentures or false teeth by removing tartar that has been accumulated on the dentures. In some cases, the vinegar solution helps to dissolve the tartar. In some other cases, it may only soften the tartar, where a part or overall tartar can be easily removed while brushing. Repeated soaking of the dentures in the vinegar solution helps to clean off dentures.

What are the precautions while using vinegar as denture cleanser?

Most dentists do not recommend the usage the vinegar for partial dentures at least for long term soaking, as it can act as a corrosive to those metal component of the dentures.

It is better to consult your dentists before using vinegar, as they can recommend the better cleaning procedure along with the soaking durations for dentures.

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