Dental Problems

What Causes Dental Disorders?

Dental disorders are caused due to various reasons. But, the main cause of dental disorder is by bacteria. In this article, there is a brief discussion of the causes of dental disorders.

Causes of dental disorders

  • Bacteria:

    It is the major causes of all the diseases. They are present inside the body, including mouth. They are present in minimum amount on the teeth and gums in the mouth. However, when a person does not maintain a proper oral hygiene, then it increases in number and causes various other oral and dental problems, including dental disorders.

  • Unhygienic conditions:

    People who maintain unhygienic or improper oral conditions are more susceptible to gum and teeth problems. Due to this condition, the bacteria grow in number and form plaque, tartar or calculus, which later lead to gum or periodontal diseases. However, they not only cause dental disorders but they also lead to various other problems.

  • Antibiotics:

    A person who has undergone a transplantation or a surgery or having other disease need to take antibiotics or medication. These weakens the person’s immune system and can also cause the bacteria to become resistant. Thus, he/she become susceptible to the gum or periodontal infections.and dental disorders.

  • Diet:

    Deficiency of essential supplements can also make a person’s susceptible to infections. Thus, one needs to maintain a proper diet with all the essential supplements. Calcium deficiency is one of the cause of dental disorder.

  • Other causes:

    Some of the other causes are impacted food, use of tobacco products, alcohol, improper use of the toothpicks and smoking.

These are some of the causes of dental disorders which need to treated at the earliest. Consult your dentist for an effective and better treatment.

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