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Efferdent Denture Cleaner and Reactions

Dentures cleaners, including efferdent are all over the counter products which are designed to clean the dentures. Efferdent denture cleaners are more effective when compared to soap and water. However, there are certain ingredients in efferdent which can cause negative and allergic reactions, specially when the product is not used properly.

Public Health Notification

In 2008, the United States Food and Drug Administration has issued the Public Health Notification based on the reports of allergic reactions towards denture cleaners. They were 73 severe cases and one fatality.

Product Instructions

The Food and Drug Administration asked the manufacturers to change the ingredients used in the denture cleaners and also to revise the product labelling for more clear and better usage directions. Persons using dentures must not use cleaners directly to clean the dentures without removing the dentures first. They should also not use cleaners to to gargle, chew or swallow.

Allergic Reactions

Efferdents contain a compound called sodium monopersulfate, that can cause the severe allergic reactions either when inhaled, swallowed or used within the mouth. An allergic reaction shows some signs which include rash, hives, tissue damage, gum tenderness, breathing difficulties and low blood pressure.

Physical Irritation

Sodium perborate is another ingredient present in the efferdent. It causes irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. It can also cause gum damage and chemical burns if used inside the mouth.


If swallowed or inhaled, sodium perborate can also cause some of the warning signs like nausea, severe diarrhea and vomiting. It also affects CNS (Central Nervous System), and even lead to headaches, delirium and agitation. High doses of cleaners can lead to kidney and liver damage.

Thus, in this article there was brief discussion of efferdent denture cleaner and reactions. So, one needs to take guidance properly from the dentists before using them.’>

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