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Top 5 Natural Ways for Teething Relief in Infants

Infants while teething may develop many problems such as pain, irritation, dizziness, uneasiness, discomfort, etc. So parents need to find some other ways which are safe and natural for teething relief in infants. Some of the top natural ways for teething relief in infants are discussed in this article.

Top 5 Natural Ways for Teething Relief in Infants

  1. Rub the gums:

    You can rub your baby’s gums with your clean fingers. It helps to provide soothing effect on their gums.

  2. Offer a washcloth:

    One can offer a clean, washed and wet cloth to the baby to chomp on. It is also helps to relief the pain. You can also place the cloth in the refrigerator to make it cold and later offer it your baby. It give even more relief.

  3. Ice:

    Place a crushed ice in the plastic bag and offer it to the baby, as the baby chews on it it numbs the teething effect on the gums. One can also wrap an ice piece with a cotton cloth and rub it gently on the baby’s gums. Make sure that the ice doesn’t touch the gums directly and never hold it one place keep it moving.

  4. Clove oil:

    One can use the oil to rub the gums, but make sure not to use much, as it can upset a baby’s stomach. Clove oil helps to ease the pain.

  5. Vanilla extract:

    For babies, it is better to use pure and natural products. So use pure vanilla extract to rub the baby’s gums. The vanilla has calming effect and the alcohol present in it helps to numb the sore and teething effect. Vanilla extract not only helps to relieve the pain, but also helps to ease the trouble tummy.

These are the top 5 natural ways for teething relief in infants.

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