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How Safe is Dental Work During Pregnancy?

Dental care during pregnancy is utmost important along with well balanced diet with essential supplements. However, all the dental treatments or dental work during pregnancy are not safe for the growing baby in the womb. But, good dental hygiene, care, cleanings and regular checkups during pregnancy are essential for good dental health and is safe.

Dental work during Pregnancy:

How safe is regular checkups and dental cleanings?

Preventive annual exams and dental cleanings during pregnancy for dental health are safe and are recommended. During pregnancy, there is a rise in the hormone levels which can cause swelling, bleeding and irritation to the gums (due to the trapped food). Thus, dental cleanings helps to remove the stuck food particles, thus they are safe. condition.

How poor dental conditions are linked to pregnancy complications?

Recent study has shown that there is a link between poor or bad dental health and pregnancy complications. It has shown that it causes preterm delivery and unhealthy or low birth weight babies. Thus, preventive dental works are essential to prevent the oral and dental infections such as gum or periodontal diseases, which are linked to preterm delivery .

How does the dental condition affect the pregnancy?

Bacteria is present in the mouth and if good dental care is not taken, it grows and multiplies forming an invisible sticky film called plaque. This plaque continues to grow and it causes infection which can lead to periodontal disease. As pregnant women are easily susceptible to periodontal or gum disease, it shows adverse effects. But, there is no evidence about the mechanism how it causes.


It suggests that these bacteria which cause inflammation and infection in the gums, entry the bloodstream and affect the fetus growth. Thus, it leads to preterm or premature delivery and babies with low birth weight.

How often should a pregnant women visit a dentist?

It is recommended by ADA that every pregnant women or every women who is planning to get pregnant should visit the dentist regularly, for every 6 months.

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