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Top 5 Ways for Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs

There are many things one can do for preventing dental disease in dogs. Begin a dental care for your pet, similarly as you do for yourself. Puppies have 22 deciduous teeth which typically fall out within or about 6 months of age. Make sure to maintain a dental health for your dog to as it helps in preventing dental diseases in them.

Top 5 Ways for Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs

Dental diseases can also be prevented in dogs. Some of the top 5 ways are listed below:

  1. Never use human toothpaste for your dog: One shouldn’t use human toothpaste to brush the teeth of pets or dogs. It makes your dog sick. One can use those special enzymatic toothpaste which are specially made for dogs. One can also use a special oral rinse for dogs.
  2. Prevent the development of plaque, tartar or calculus: As microorganism are present even in the mouth, it may grow on the teeth and gums and form a sticky slimy invisible film called plaque. If it is not prevented it can harden and form tartar or calculus. One can avoid the formation of plaque, tartar or calculus with regular brushing the teeth of dogs.
  3. Use only those toothbrush designed for dogs: One should use only special toothbrush which are especially designed for dogs. They can help to ease the dog into it, because they do not feel as clumsy or awkward as with hard brushes.
  4. Follow those technique recommended by the veterinarian: They will help you to learn more easier techniques to brush your dogs teeth.
  5. Visit the veterinarian regularly: Dental health is very important for dogs too. Thus, dental cleaning is also needed for them. One can visit the veterinarian once for ever 6 months.

These are the top 5 ways for preventing dental diseases in dogs. One need to follow these ways to prevent periodontal disease and other gum diseases in dogs.

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