Dental Problems

Common Dental Problems

Every individual can experience either one or more of the common dental problems. These usually occur due to the bacterial infection. Bacteria are also present in the mouth, thus they grow on the teeth and gums as a sticky film called plaque due to improper oral health. When they combine with food (starches and sugars), they release toxin and it later results in several dental and gum problems.

Common Dental Problems

Some of the common dental problems one can have are listed below:

  • Discolored, dull or stained tooth:

    When bacteria damages the tooth enamel, the dentin is exposed and results in dull teeth. Thus, when one has tea, coffee, cigarette or chew tobacco, it may cause stains on the teeth. These stains cannot be removed only by brushing, one can use teeth-whitening at home or office.

  • Chips and minor gaps:

    Many individuals have trouble by the minor cosmetic issues. Some of them include gaps between teeth and chipped or jagged teeth.For such minor imperfections, dental bonding can be an ideal solution. Dentists use tooth-colored bonding material to mask them.

  • Mild, moderate or severe tooth decay:

    It is common among people of all ages. The mild and moderate tooth decay can be cleaned and refilled with reinforcing material or tooth-colored white filling. However, if the tooth decay becomes severe then dentists recommend to remove the tooth and replace it with a crown. Because the infection can be spread to the surrounding tissues, bones and organs.

  • Severely fractured or cracked teeth:

    If a patient damages or destroys the tooth severely, then filling, inlay or onlay cannot be a sufficient solution. However, a dental cap or a crown can help to cover the tooth. Dental crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic or other material and are designed as such s o that it stabilizes the damaged tooth.

  • Redness, swollen, inflamed and bleeding gums:

    These are common symptoms of the gum diseases. The treatment can include deep cleaning to surgical treatment for mild (gum disease) to severe (periodontitis) condition.

  • Pain and inflammation in the tooth, jaw and gums:

    One can experience these conditions due to the advanced gum disease, caused by bacteria.

  • Soreness and bad taste:

    An individual can also experience soreness and bad taste due to the advanced gum diseases.

These are some of the common dental problems one can experience due to bacterial infection of the teeth and gums.

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