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Urgent Traumatic Dental Problems -When to Visit the Dentist?

There are many urgent problems which need an immediate attention and treatment. Thus, one need to consult a dentist as early as possible. The most urgent dental problems which require an immediate attention by the dentist are discussed below.

Urgent dental traumatic problems:

These are the dental problems which require an immediate and urgent attention and treatment by the dentist or by an emergency department of a hospital.

  1. Tooth knocked out:

    • A permanent tooth loss usually requires an urgent evaluation as that tooth can be re-implanted.
    • If any recovers the lost tooth, then hold or touch only on the chewing edge (or crown) and not on the root.
    • If your tooth becomes dirty, then gently rinse with tap water. Never scrub it.
    • The tooth must be kept moist. Thus, one can place the tooth back into the socket or the place from where it has been knocked out.
    • Another way to keep the tooth moist is by placing it between the gum and cheeks. The saliva in the mouth helps to moisture the tooth.
    • The third option one can use is by placing the tooth in the milk.
  2. Chipped or broken tooth:

    • Consult your dentist as early as possible.
    • The chipped and/or broken tooth piece must be kept moist. Thus, place in a moist cloth.
    • The chips or broken piece may vary in degree. This factor (extent of chipped or broken teeth) determines the treatment by your dentist.
  3. Subluxation (tooth knocked out of the alignment or position):

    • Try to gently push the tooth with little pressure, back into the proper position. Do not use excess pressure or force.
    • Bite or chew on the tooth for placing it back into the position, then immediately consult your dentist.
    • Dentists may splint that tooth to heal it.
  4. Lacerations:

    • Direct trauma to your mouth area (like falling or biting your cheek or tongue) results in the lacerations or cuts to your tongue, gums or cheeks.
    • Any cut can cause bleeding and direct pressure on it can help to control. It requires an immediate medical attention by your dentist or by the emergency department.
    • Some of the cuts or lacerations in the mouth can be stitched, but other can be healed on their on their own. Antibiotics can be used to treat some of the injuries.

These are some of the urgent traumatic dental problems which require immediate and proper medical treatment by the dentist.

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