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Urgent Nontraumatic Dental Problems -When to Visit the Dentist?

Urgent nontraumatic dental problems are the dental problems which need an immediate attention and treatment by the dentist. Some of the following urgent nontraumatic dental problems are as follows:

  1. Toothache:

    One may develop dental abscess or a cavity (pocket of infection) around or within the tooth. So, they may experience tooth pain or ache. Thus, one should consult a dentist for an immediate treatment if the following occurs:

    • If one develops severe pain, because of the tooth cavity which has become sensitive to the exposure of cold or hot foods or drinks.
    • If one experiences pain while chewing.
    • One may also develop fever due to the severe pain.
    • Swelling of the gum may develop, near the painful tooth.
    • Fluid or pus drains from the surrounding area of the painful tooth.
    • Swelling may spread from the gums to the chin, cheek, face and neck (Never use aspirin or other pain medication near the affected or aching area, because it can lead to the inflammation of the tissues). They may also show redness and pain.
    • One may experience uncertainty about the toothache.
  2. Gum redness or swelling:

    • If one develops gum redness or swelling across a large area inside in the mouth, then it requires immediate medical attention. It may suggest infection or a dental abscess or gingivitis or gum disease or other dental problems.
    • This may be rarely urgent, but one should consult a dentist as early as possible.
  3. Jaw pain:

    • The jaw pain can occur because of the degeneration or an inflammation of the joint. It is referred to as temporomandibular joint syndrome.
    • This can be recognised as a pain near the ear or a pooping or clicking sensation when you open and close the jaw. One may or may not experience pain while popping.
    • Dentist may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or fit a mouth guard to treat the condition. However, this isn’t an emergency and doesn’t need an urgent evaluation. But, a severe case, requires an advanced treatment.

These are some of the urgent nontraumatic dental problems which may require an immediate medical attention by the dentist.

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