Dental Problems

Diabetes and Dental Problems

Diabetes causes increase sugar level in the blood, saliva and other parts of the body. Diabetes and dental problems are closely related. Thus, there are many dental problems associated with diabetic patients. Let us examine some of the dental problems which are more likely associated with diabetic patients.

Diabetes and Dental Problems:

Some of the dental problems in diabetic patients are listed below:

  • Tooth decay or tooth cavities:

    Every part of the body contains bacteria, including mouth. Bacteria present in the mouth acts on the food particles and releases toxins that destroys tooth enamel which results in tooth decay. Diabetic patients have increase sugar level, including saliva and blood. So, as more sugar is supplied the decay by bacteria is greater.

  • Early gum disease or gingivitis:

    Diabetic patient has the reduced ability of the defense mechanism to fight against the bacteria. This leads to the build up of bacteria as a thin film forming plaque on the teeth. If proper dental hygiene is not maintained it leads to the hardening of plaque under the gum line which is referred to as calculus or tartar. This causes irritation in the gingiva (gum which surrounds the base of the teeth). Later, the gum disease or gingivitis increases and leads to swollen and bleeding gums.

  • Advanced gum disease or periodontitis:

    If gingivitis is not treated in time, the disease condition progresses and it results in advanced gum disease or periodontitis. It destroys the surrounding soft bones and tissues that support the teeth. This condition usually causes the gums to separate from the teeth and eventually teeth gets loosen and fall out. This condition tends to become more severe among diabetic patients because of the reduced ability of defense mechanism and slow healing. Periodontist also increases the blood sugar level which becomes more difficulty to control the diabetes.

These are some of the major problems of gum disease which becomes more severe later. Thus, prevention and treatment of the disease can help to improve the diabetes.

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