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Diabetes and Periodontal Disease – Is Their Alike

Periodontal disease is also referred to as gum disease and is one of the cause of tooth loss. It also linked to the diabetes control. Thus, in this article there is a brief discussion of the factors which link diabetes and periodontal disease.

Diabetes and Periodontal Disease

Some of the factors that link diabetes and periodontal disease are listed below:

    • Insufficient blood sugar:

      Studies have shown that people who have insufficient blood sugar, might develop poor control on the sugar level and are more likely to develop periodontal diseases than others and the disease can become severe.

    • Diabetes tends to slow down circulation:

      This also cause the gum tissues to easily prone to infections.

    • Diabetes reduces the resistance power:

      It also leads to the reduction of an individuals resistance power to various infections. Thus, increases the infection rate of the gums.

    • High glucose level:

      Diabetic patients contains high glucose levels, including the saliva. Increased glucose level promotes the growth of the growth of the bacteria in the mouth, resulting in gum disease.

    • Smoking with diabetes:

      Diabetic patients who smoke are at higher risk of developing periodontal diseases than others who smoke and are not diabetic.

    • Poor oral hygiene:

      However, patients who develop a poor oral hygiene are at greater risk of developing periodontal disease. But diabetic patients are at far greater risk.

    • Reduced healing power:

      Diabetic patients have poor healing capabilities, so they healing of their gums is also poor. If a diabetic patient damages the capillaries (the delicate small blood vessels) inside the gums, then it causes the reduction of blood supply to gums. Thus, it limits the defense mechanism against the bacteria which results in gum or periodontal diseases.

These are some of the factors that link diabetes with periodontal diseases. So, it is very essential for the diabetic patients to take extra care about their health.

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