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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Tooth Injury?

Tooth injury is caused due to the accidents and it can vary from minor to severe. This causes injury to the tooth or the part of the tooth. They may lead to various dental problems which can be temporary or permanent. They also show various signs and symptoms when there is a tooth injury.

Signs and symptoms of tooth injury

The tooth injury signs and symptoms vary depending on the extent of injury. But, some of the common symptoms include:

  • Bleeding from the socket:

    Due to the injury to the socket, one may develop bleeding from the socket.

  • Bleeding from the lips or gums:

    Due to an accident, one may meet with injuries to the lips or gums. These causes bleeding from the gum or lips.

  • Pain in the gum or lips:

    If a person meets with an accident on the face, it can cause injury to the lips and gums and may result in severe pain.

  • Swelling of gums or lips:

    If a person meets with an accident near the face, he/she gets may injury the lips, teeth or gums. Especially, during an accident, the pointed teeth may bite off the lips, or injure the gums. This causes swelling of the gums or lips.

  • Tooth broken off:

    During a face accident, a person is at high risk of injuring his/her teeth. He/she may also break the tooth.

  • Tooth knocked out of the socket:

    If a person meets an accident on the face, it usually causes injury or damage to teeth. The toot may also come out off the socket or alignment.

  • Tooth knocked inside the socket:

    One may damage the tooth alignment during an accident and the tooth may knock into the socket.

  • Injury to other parts:

    During an accident, one may experience several injuries along with the tooth. The tooth may get pierced into other parts surrounding the teeth.

These are few of the signs and symptoms of tooth injury, which needs to be treated well in time.

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