Dental Problems

Smoking and Dental Problems

Smoking is bad for health even for dental health. It causes various problems which can also increase the mortality risk. Smoking and dental problems are associated with one other. Some of the dental problems associated with smoking are listed below in this article:

Smoking and Dental problems:

  • Oral cancer:

    Smoking causes oral cancer that need to be diagnosed and treated properly within time. People who are addicted with smoking are at high risk of developing oral cancer and their chance of death rate is also high.

  • Gum diseases:

    Smoking increases the risk of developing gum diseases. As, gum disease is the major cause of loose teeth in adults.

  • Down healing affect:

    Person who smoke a lot have a down healing problem, especially after the oral surgery.

  • Tooth decay:

    Smoking leads to several dental problems such as tooth decay or tooth abscission. It generally causes damage to the gum tissues (enamel), exposes the dentin and increases the risk of decay.

  • Bad breath:

    Smoking increases the infection rate of the teeth by bacteria. These act on the tooth and release toxins which causes bad breath.

  • Stains and spots:

    The use of tobacco products leads to the damage of the tooth enamel. Thus, dentin is exposed and it leads to the development of stains and spots on the teeth. One may develop yellow, brown, or even black spots on the teeth.

  • Development of plaque and tartar:

    Smoking tends to reduce the oral dental health. Thus, one may experience the development of plaque and tartar.

  • Gum and teeth problems:

    As smoking damages the teeth enamel it also leads to various gum and teeth problems.

  • Teeth sensitivity:

    if the oral dental health is not maintained properly even after smoking, then it may lead to the teeth sensitivity. One may experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods and fluids.

These are some of the common dental problems which are associated with smoking. Consult a dentist for a regular checkup as it helps to avoid further problems of teeth and gums.

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