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Signs and Symptoms of Toothache

Toothache often starts unknowingly when the infection occurs. Toothache may vary from mild to severe and can lead to various causes. The pain might worsen when one eats or drinks hot or cold fruits. Thus, let us examine some of the signs and symptoms associated with toothache.

Signs and Symptoms of Toothache

Some of the typical signs and symptoms of toothache include the following:

  • Pain:

    If the pulp cavity is infected with bacteria, as it contains nerves ad blood vessels it causes toothache or pain.

  • Bleeding or pus discharge:

    Due to the infection with various germs the gums cause bleeding or pus discharge.

  • Sensitivity:

    Tooth infection by bacteria leads to the damage of the tooth enamel. This exposes the dentin and which is sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks.

  • Swelling around the tooth:

    As the bacterial infection becomes severe they may also develop swelling of the tooth.

  • Swelling of the jaw:

    Due to the bacterial infection, one may experience swelling in the jaw.

  • Fever:

    Due to the severe pain, a person may develop fever. Some may also experience difficulty while breathing along with fever.

  • Difficulty in chewing:

    Due to the pain, a person may have difficulty in chewing food.

  • Difficulty in swallowing:

    One may experience difficulty while swallowing due to the pain in jaw and throat. This usually occurs because the pain spreads from the tooth to the jaw and throat.

  • Sleep disturbance:

    Due to severe pain one may have sleep disturbances. This makes him/her more tired and feel discomfort.

  • Feeling off color and malaise-tired:

    Due to the above reasons, a person may feel tired and may appear pale or off color.

These are the few signs and symptoms of toothache which develop when the condition becomes severe. Thus, consult a dentist when the toothache is mild.

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